WebEx Minutes 2014-08-12

(written by Dennis Domer)
August 12, 2014

In attendance:

  • Andy Belval (Keystone)
  • Stefan Adams (Keystone)
  • Katie Boyer (Telecare Global)
  • Dennis Domer (New Cities 2.0)
  • Eric Humes (Keystone)
  • Marge Skubic (MU)


  • There was an extended discussion of the website which we all like. Eric said that the site is very clear, easy to use, and not cluttered. We made a number of decisions about the site.
  • We decided that the Domain Name would be I-70Aging.net.
  • Under the tab About, we decided to drop the word Founding, leaving only Members
  • We decided to add a tab called Contact Us to the right of the tab called Additional Information
  • Under Contact Us, we put in three contact ways: for more information contact either Dennis or Marge; to be added to the listserv, we placed a link that is Marge’s email address; to link to the listserv we place a link to I70-corridor-L@po.missouri.edu
  • We would like to have John Shreve provide a Mind Map of the corridor for the header. That map would either be clickable or we would provide a clickable Mind Map under the tab About. This map would connect to all the members along the corridor.
  • We reviewed the Commercial Partners handout (dropped Industrial/Commercial) and changed charter membership benefits to include a perpetual discount benefit.
  • There was a good exchange about KU’s RFQ, what might become of it, and how it might compare or might not compare to TigerPlace.