WebEx Minutes 2014-08-05

(written by John Shreve)
August 5, 2014

In attendance:

  • Andy Belval (Keystone)
  • Katie Boyer (Telecare Global)
  • Greg Corpier (Telecare Global)
  • Eric Humes (Keystone)
  • John Shreve (KU)


  • Eric began by reviewing the letter from Marge and Dennis for the upcoming I-70 conference in Columbia. The group agreed that it was well-written and accomplished its objective.
  • John brought up the issue of a status report for the conference planning, and Eric replied that two persons from Keystone have been assisting Marge on the logistics and that plans (eg. hotel blocks, meeting locations, etc.) are well underway.
  • John asked about the status of our keynote speakers, and Katie reported that Russ Waitman has confirmed but we have received no reply yet from Clint Maun. She will follow up with him this week to get an answer on his availability. Katie explained that the benefit of Mr. Maun is that he is a dynamic speaker and also has a very good understanding of the general health care environment.
  • John suggested that we should be thinking about a “Plan B” in the event that Mr. Maun cannot make it for the event.
  • One idea that surfaced was the possibility of a “futurist” as a keynote speaker to replace Mr. Maun, if he is unavailable. The group agreed to brainstorm individually this week on potential speakers, and discuss the topic again on the August 12th WebEx meeting.
  • The last issue that the group discussed was related to how the conference is getting funded. Since Dennis and Marge were not on the call, the group did not know the current plan for how to fund the event but agreed that it was a critical and timely issue to address. We acknowledged past conversations related to soliciting private companies for financial sponsorship, but noted that this is an important topic to address again in detail next week with Dennis and Marge.