WebEx Minutes 2014-07-29

(written by John Shreve)
July 29, 2014

In attendance:

  • Katie Boyer (Telecare Global)
  • Greg Corpier (Telecare Global)
  • Dennis Domer (KU)
  • Marjorie Skubic (KU)
  • John Shreve (KU)


  • Dennis began with a summary of the Heron workshop that he attended along with John Shreve; Eric Humes, Stefan Adams, and Montez Fitzpatrick of Keystone Technologies also attended. The all-day workshop was hosted by Russ Waitman and his bioinformatics staff at the KU Medical Center in Kansas City. Dennis commented that the Heron database that they have built is incredible, with many possibilities that could potentially benefit the research and business interests of the I-70 corridor members. Dennis suggested that we should have Russ give one of the keynote presentations at the upcoming I-70 conference in Columbia.
  • John added that a particular interesting possibility with the Heron platform is integrating it with a geocoding instrument, so that clinical information could be linked to environmental factors. He also observed that while Russ and his team had a solid command over the Heron tool, it also appeared that even they had only scratched the surface. In fact, the KUMC made clear that they were soliciting input on the use of Heron, as they continue to refine its functionality. One idea that came out of yesterday’s workshop, for example, was the suggestion to create a user’s “glossary” of terms to help demystify the various medical terminology, search techniques, and coding systems.
  • Dennis and John also observed that the Keystone folks followed along easily with the Heron program and made a strong connection to Russ and his staff, with a number of possible initiatives to explore together. Similarly, Mihail Popescu, from MU’s Health Management and Informatics Department also attended the workshop and engaged with Russ and his team on several discussion points.
  • Dennis mentioned that Russ is leading the Greater Plains Collaborative, which extends roughly north-south along the I-35 corridor – a potential complement to the east-west I-70 corridor that New Cities has been promoting with its member partners. Russ appeared genuinely interested in discussing potential strategies to work together and collaborate across these two distinct linear regions.
  • Dennis also encouraged the other call participants to consider attending a future Heron workshop at the KUMC. As an option, they also host regular workshops on the first and third Tuesday of each month, between 1:00 and 2:30.
  • Marge then changed subjects to have the group look at the draft agenda that she prepared for the I-70 conference in November in Columbia. The first clarification was to agree that this was to be a “conference” as opposed to a “workshop.”
  • Marge also asked Katie if she had made any progress with respect to identifying a keynote speaker for the conference. Katie explained that she and Dennis had discussed the idea of Clint Maun as a good option. Katie has not spoken to him yet, but anticipates a fee of $4,000 – $6,000, and will contact him to see if he is interested and available on either of the conference days (November 13 – 14).
  • The group agreed that Russ Waitman would be another good keynote speaker to consider, especially having just recently seen him “in action” as both a facilitator and a speaker at his workshop. Since the proposed agenda has two slots for keynote speakers, we would ideally include both Clint and Russ at the conference.
  • Marge proposed that we also incorporate a poster session at this next conference, which could be set up at the hotel lobby during the first evening. This could provide a chance for informal discussions and networking, and also broaden the representation of research and projects being pursued by the I-70 participants.
  • On a related note, John suggested that we create another booklet of conference attendees that profiled their background and affiliation. But this time we should ask each person to also describe their research interests and projects so that others could review them in advance. This information would be posted on the new website before the conference.