Webex Minutes 2014-07-15

Minutes of WebEx Notest

(Written by Dennis Domer)

July 15, 2014.

In attendance:

  • Skubic
  • Boyer
  • Corpier
  • Domer

The discussion began with industrial/commercial partnerships and the benefits of joining and supporting the I-70 corridor project. Skubic thought the piece Domer wrote for this purpose was excellent. Boyer and Corpier agreed to review it and respond. Boyer noted that perhaps the most important benefit for these partners is the opportunity to commercialize the research done across the corridor. There was a discussion about the July 28 PICORI meeting in Kansas City and whether this is a good venue for the industrial/commercial partners. Katie and Greg agreed that it would be good for them to attend because they sit on the Kansas City Digital Drive and Health Care Committee but there was doubt that this is the best venue for most partners because the PICORI meeting will get into data and data issues which might not be the way to begin with these partnerships.

Instead the group agreed that we should have a special presentation and social for a small group of potential partners, perhaps up to 20, at MARC. We agreed to that and decided that September 3 at 4 pm would probably work. Domer agreed to contact Cathy Boyer-Shesol to see if that works for MARC. Subsequently, Cathy agreed to this date. We also agreed that we should set up this kind of meeting in St. Louis with the help of Keystone Technologies.

We discussed the November 13-14 conference to be held in Columbia. We agreed that the agenda in Lawrence, beginning at noon on Thursday and ending about mid afternoon on Friday, was a good format. Skubic said that she was trying to determine where the conference should occur. Skubic would also like to find support for the conference to cover rooms and food just like in Lawrence. We discussed the idea behind the conference and who the lead-off speaker might be. We discussed Clint Maun as a possibility. One activity at the conference will be a visit to TigerPlace.

There was a discussion about the letter Domer sent to Skubic that would go out soon to the I-70 group. Marge will review that letter and make revisions.