Webex Minutes 2014-07-01

(written by John Shreve)

July 1, 2014

In attendance:

  • Katie Boyer (Telecare Global)
  • Greg Corpier (Telecare Global)
  • Dennis Domer (KU)
  • John Shreve (KU)


1) Dennis welcomed everyone, noting that it had been awhile since Katie and Greg had participated in the I-70 WebEx meetings. Katie commented that there have been some problems getting the WebEx invites, and Dennis mentioned that maybe he should try and get a WebEx account. Greg offered to help with this and coach Dennis on how to use WebEx.

2) Dennis observed that New Cities has ended its initial phase of existence, and that he is officially retired from KU as of June 30th. Last week, John helped Dennis pack up and close down the studio space at 210 Snow Hall so that it can be occupied by the School of Architecture for classroom/studio use in the fall. Dennis noted that New Cities is currently transitioning into its next phase, which will take advantage of the knowledge base that has been established with a growing network of over 600 people. Since KU is no longer funding New Cities, other options are currently being explored by Dennis and John to leverage the many relationships that we have formed over the past four years. As an example, we were interviewed last week by a writer for Care Inc., who named us being one of the top seven age-related organizations in the country. Dennis also noted that Keystone Technologies has stepped up to work with Dennis and John on defining the next version of New Cities, which will be based in St. Louis.

3) John added that we also see New Cities being tied more directly with the I-70 Corridor network that we established with last year’s conference in Lawrence. So, rather than being confined to a single university, we now have the ability to expand New Cities to our other academic and industry partners. The next conference that we are currently planning will be at Mizzou in November, and is an event where we are planning on coming out with a re-launch of New Cities. Since we expect the attendance to be even higher than the initial conference, we’ll have an opportunity for connections with even more partners to help move New Cities into what Dennis has outlined.

4) Dennis agreed, noting the importance of leveraging our New Cities relationships at local, regional, and national scales. With Keystone’s help, locating New Cities in a large city like St. Louis will help to New Cities have a larger impact; and the conference in Columbia will be a good opportunity to explain this next phase of the organization.

5) Katie commented that she and Greg have been working with different companies in the Kansas City area, and questioned the decision to relocate New Cities to St. Louis and host the next conference in Columbia. Her concern was that these companies might not be as interested in contributing financial support if the organization was not based in the Kansas City area.

6) Dennis replied that we are working with Keystone to come up with solutions to manage all the lectures and data that we have accumulated at KU. Keystone would act as stewards for New Cities and all the work that has been generated over the past four years. Dennis assured Katie that Eric Humes (Keystone) has repeatedly said that he does not want to “own” New Cities, but simply nurture and guide it, especially now, since it has run its course at KU. Dennis asked Katie if she thought that hosting our next conference in Columbia would really bother her sponsors.

7) Katie replied that it probably would not, but that it will be important to get more concrete information on the conference agenda. She also asked what the benefits would be for sponsors of New Cities and the I-70 corridor.

8) Dennis asked pointed out that we have discussed many of these, including the networking and research opportunities such as the upcoming meeting with Russ Waitman at the KU Medical Center. He then asked Katie to give some help on this issue. Dennis agreed to initiate a list of benefits, which he will circulate to the group for additional comment and input.

9) Katie agreed to this, and also commented on the potential value of accessing raw data, which she observed hasn’t really been addressed yet.

10) Dennis replied that one of the reasons he organized the meeting with Russ is to talk about this issue and look at various research projects that could be generated through the extensive PCORI data set. Dennis has sent out an email notice to fifteen of the New Cities members for the July 28th meeting at Russ’ office, but will follow up with an exact time.

11) Katie commented that, in her opinion, fifteen people may be too many for a productive discussion and project.

12) Dennis replied that the intent was to have an initial discussion, and then consider breaking off into smaller sub-groups to explore various project ideas, such as working with physical therapy-or environmental-related issues. Eventually, the plan will be to come back with specific proposals on how to utilize the PCORI data.

13) Katie commented that she was interested in bringing additional members of their extended team to the July 28th meeting, all of whom have already signed NDAs; Dennis agreed that this should be okay.

14) The last discussion point was on the recent addendum that KU sent out for the Campus Village. The group expressed skepticism about the likelihood of this to actually move forward; or if it does, that it might take a lot longer than previously expected, especially now that Dennis is no longer directly involved with the project.