Webex Minutes 2014-05-27

(written by John Shreve)

May 27, 2014

In attendance:

  • Andy Belval (Keystone)
  • Dennis Domer (KU)
  • John Shreve (KU)


1) Dennis gave an update on the I-70 website design, noting that Lynne Lipsey (of klw-webwork) is continuing to make progress based on the outline and content provided by Dennis. The tentative goal is to have the website up and running by the first part of July.

2) Dennis asked John to design a graphic logo relating to the I-70 map for use on the website, and encouraged further development of the Google map already underway.

3) John brought up last week’s discussion of the second I-70 conference planned for this fall in Columbia, and had a specific proposal for the group’s consideration. Similar to other professional organizations (American Institute of Architects, American Planning Association, Urban Land Institute, etc.), he suggested that we take advantage of the many experts anticipated to attend the conference, by performing a charrette-based project in conjunction with the conference. A small group of volunteers could work with the city and/or the university prior to the conference to identify a residence, block, or neighborhood that may be improved by concepts related to aging-in-place, for example. A three-day (approximately) charrette could be planned just prior to the conference or directly after, and could involve a diverse group of I-70 experts as well as community leaders to apply some of our experiences toward a pilot project that could perhaps lay the groundwork for a larger research grant proposal at a later date.

4) Dennis and Andy both thought it was a good idea and recommended further consideration and input by others. Dennis commented that it reminded him of RUDAT (Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team) programs that have been sponsored by the AIA. His opinion was that it would be good to think about this as a design-driven activity that could include a variety of other disciplines, but by “place based.” He also thought it would be a good pilot project for the I-70 group to rally around, and commented that it would be a good subject to present for discussion at the conference.

5) Andy reported that he met with a representative from Heritage Management Services, based in Omaha, to learn more about the company’s proposed senior projects in Arizona. Andy was impressed by the company’s work and philosophy, and mentioned that they are interested in the I-70 research and that they would be good candidates to consider for the upcoming conference. After his next meeting with them, he will report back again with more information.

6) Andy, Dennis, and John discussed the blog and agreed to change it from “Katie’s blog” to “Highway to Tomorrow.” Andy’s essay will be the first blog, and Dennis and John will also write upcoming blogs. The goal will be to issue a new blog every week to build up a following, as well as to keep building momentum amongst the I-70 membership.

7) Finally, Dennis gave an update on KU’s “Intergenerational Living Laboratory” RFQ, pointing out that the schedule has been postponed. Having received significant feedback on the initial notice, the university is reframing the project and will reissue a revised RFQ at a later date.