Webex Minutes 2014-05-20

(written by John Shreve)

May 20, 2014

In attendance:

  • Andy Belval (Keystone)
  • Dennis Domer (KU)
  • John Shreve (KU)
  • Marge Skubic (MU)
  • John Thompson (Keystone Technology)


1) Dennis led a review of the I-70 website outline that the consultants from Lawrence have been working on. He is still working on some final revisions, and the website design and content will eventually be transferred to the MU server to host. The date for the website roll out has not been identified yet, but should be soon. As Marge commented, “Nothing’s real until you have a website!”

2) Dennis also reviewed the charter, which had been adopted from that of the Atlas physics research group – an organization that Marge is familiar with. Dennis had previously sent out the draft charter to the I-70 group members, soliciting input, but has not received any feedback. The participants in today’s WebEx reviewed the charter with some minor adjustments, but overall satisfaction and appreciation for the work completed.

3) Dennis also gave a brief summary of his trip to Washington D.C. last week, where he met with the American Architectural Foundation and several other invitees to discuss issues of aging. Dennis spoke mainly on the theme of intergenerational aging, in relation to the research coming out of KU’s New Cities research lab and the Campus Village project. He also related the activities of our emerging I-70 coalition, and commented that he received a lot of interest from the other workshop participants.

4) Marge observed that most aging-related work is done on the coasts, so it was probably a surprise for them to discover what is being done by our I-70 participants. Dennis confirmed this, noting that they all seemed to be amazed that the middle of the country is doing anything at all on aging! He was optimistic that this group could lead to potential collaborations and relationships in the future; this may take a while to nurture, but it seemed to be a worthwhile endeavor.

5) The WebEx participants also briefly touched on the upcoming I-70 conference in the fall, with additional ideas about logistics beginning to form. One item that was brought up, for example, was how many and who should be invited – an issue that needs to be looked into with greater detail. John mentioned that he is continuing to develop the Google Map of the I-70 corridor, and that it has the capability of evolving into a powerful tool that could include not only the location and affiliation of participants, but also details on their expertise, skill level, current projects, etc. The group agreed that this is also a useful tool to continue developing in conjunction with the conference.