Webex Minutes 2014-05-06

(written by John Shreve)

May 6, 2014

In attendance:

  • Andy Belval (Keystone)
  • Katie Boyer (Telecare Global)
  • Greg Corpier (Telecare Global)
  • John Shreve (KU)
  • Marge Skubic (MU)
  • John Thompson (Keystone Technology)


1) Marge introduced the topic of a second I-70 conference, which would held in the fall of 2014 in Columbia, with MU acting as the host. At the first I-70 conference, there were about 50 people in attendance; Marge suggested that we may possible invite closer to 100 for the second one. The group agreed that perhaps this was a good target, but it would be important to look into logistics such as accommodations, cost, etc. Marge mentioned that one of her staff members had begun this process – for example, there is a new hotel within walking distance to campus, which would be a good option to consider.

2) The cost of the conference was raised by the group as an important issue to begin researching further. Fortunately, Dennis had received the KU grant to sponsor the first conference in Lawrence, but we will have to begin looking at various funding strategies for the second one. Marge brought up the idea of asking for around $5,000 from participants to help support the expenses, and asked Keystone and Telecare Global for their thoughts on this proposal.

3) Andy and JT thought this would be a reasonable number; Katie and Greg commented that they would discuss internally and respond later.

4) John recalled that in one of the sessions at the first conference, a discussion point was focused on the idea of reaching out to larger industry partners such as Blue Cross or regional hospitals. He proposed that the group consider this as another potential funding strategy, with perhaps one or more primary conference sponsors that would be established at a larger financial commitment.

5) Andy replied that if we choose to pursue this direction, Keystone has a number of clients who could be approached with this opportunity, such as BJC hospital. But if we do so, then we would have to clarify the expectations and the benefits of such a primary sponsorship.

6) Marge agreed that this might be a worthwhile option to consider, and suggested that we circulate the idea to the larger I-70 group for input. This could be sent out, for example, via email with the list serve that has been created.

7) Marge also brought up the possibility of recording conference workshop sessions, and has spoken with an MU engineering colleague about doing so, since they have recently taped a similar event and is familiar with the process.

8) The group also discussed the I-70 website, noting that MU will be hosting this on their server. Dennis and Brenna have been coordinating with a website designer/manager in Lawrence, and this work will be transferred to the proper MU person in the near future.

9) Related to the website, Andy proposed that the blog be considered a forum on the website, where various contributors could submit content such as his recent essay on his grandmother. He also suggested that we come up with a name for the blog, and offered “Highway to Tomorrow” as an option – which the group liked.