WebEx Minutes 2014-04-29

(Written by Dennis Domer)

April 29, 2014

In attendance:

  • Shreve
  • Corpier
  • Boyer
  • Belval
  • Domer
  • Skubic

By email, Domer provided an 11-point list of objectives we had established earlier. We added four more objectives to this list, including:

  • completing the list serve,
  • testing the WebEx,
  • developing a Member Profile Analysis based on skill sets,
  • engaging more researchers once the spring semester is over,
  • rolling out the Website at the end of the semester.

We discussed the Website, and laid out its basic structure: Mission Statement, Welcome, Charter, Short History, Biographies, Core Board, Pilot Projects, Minutes of Core Board weekly meetings. Most of these have been written and Domer will share these with you for comment. MU will provide a host server, and Brad Harris at MU will manage the server and website using Apache & MySQL as a web platform. He says if we can base our site on that it will all go very smoothly.

We agreed to have the next full meeting of I-70 participants on November 13-14, 2014, in Columbia, Missouri, hosted by the University of Missouri.

We discussed the PICORI pilot study. Domer reported that Sabata, Hayley, Kalender-Rich, Kim, Koopman, Popescu, Abbott, Shreve, Skubic, Boyer, Corpier, Domer, Belval, Thompson, and Humes are interested in participating. We need now to coordinate with Waitman and have a face-to-face meeting before we move forward. Belval said that Keystone would develop a platform to provide an effective way to pull data from Waitman’s larger base of data. Domer reported that several PT faculty at UMKC who have not yet been contacted would probably be likely participants, too.