WebEx Minutes 2014-04-15

(written by John Shreve)

April 15, 2014

In attendance:

  • Dennis Domer (KU)
  • John Shreve (KU)
  • Greg Corpier (Telecare Global)
  • Katie Boyer (Telecare Global)
  • John Thompson (Keystone Technology)
  • Andy Belval (Keystone Technology)


1) Today’s call had an abbreviated agenda. One item that was addressed followed up from our previous initiative to begin a regular blog for the I-70 network, published on the New Cities website. Katie Boyer is working on one related to Telecare Global’s work with smart home technologies. Andy Belval also submitted a touching piece on his grandmother. The group agreed that it would be a good idea to collect several of these from various I-70 members, having them ready to post on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Dennis will coordinate with the New Cities website managers to set up a dedicated tab for this feature.

2) Dennis also recapped the April 1 visit to Russ Waitman’s office at KUMC, noting that he was organizing a group to follow up with potential joint research opportunities with the PCORI program. More to come.

3) As another strategy for encouraging momentum and communication between I-70 network members, John introduced the idea of establishing a Google map that would locate the universities, hospitals, individuals, projects, etc. This tool would be a supplement to the MindMap that was created for the November conference in Lawrence, with the ability to locate these and other features on a user-friendly map which could be modified through participants’ input. The information could be password-protected, and has the potential to link to a variety of databases. Preliminary research into the Google Maps platform indicates that they have rolled out a new app which has a free version and subscription version, depending on the amount of desired features and variables. John and Keystone will investigate further, but for more information, see: http://www.google.com/enterprise/mapsearth/products/mapsengine.html

4) With Cheryl Lester giving the next New Cities Think Tank Lecture on April 25th, the call’s participants also discussed the idea of putting together a booklet of all the guest who have delivered lectures over the past four years. This is an impressive roster, and the information has been equally fascinating. With online publishing now more available and affordable, the group decided to look into this possibility further and report back with some options.