Grandma’s adoration for her grandkid’s was obvious to the world. She was always your biggest fan. I remember my baseball games growing up. I tried so hard to be “cool” and “tough” at the plate, but admittedly that’s hard to do when Grandma is screaming “GO DREW!”; I pretended not to notice of course, but I secretly loved the cheers. I also remember how the other players on the team liked it so much that they wanted her to call out their numbers, and of course she did. She seemed to make every event that any of us were involved in, and she was always the first person I looked for in the crowd.

I remember most how she marveled at every little thing I did, no matter how trivial, and how much confidence that gave me. Grandma has always been supportive. I could always talk to Grandma about anything. She and I would have long conversations about stuff I was uncomfortable talking to anyone else about. I always came away with a clear vision and reassured when our talks were over. She had a way of challenging you with what you already knew and making you take action on it. She even played a big role in my asking my wife Marci to marry me (thank you Grandma). She loved Marci almost as much as I do.

I was blessed to have Grandma in my life, as was every person she touched. She was a constant source of joy, support and love. Her guidance and influence have shaped my foundation, and I will carry her wisdom and love with me always. I am fortunate to have had her play such a large role in my life, and I am proud to be her grandson.

As I continue to celebrate the life of this amazing woman, I keep this in mind. The best way to carry on the legacy that Grandma has left behind…the best way to celebrate the life of Martha Waller… is love those around you so much that they never can forget.

—Andy Belval

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