Coordinators Goals

Coordinating Group Objectives

  1. *Write a mission statement;
  2. *Write a charter;
  3. Form an executive board or steering committee composed of people from the nine institutions;
  4. Profile the participants according to their skill sets;
  5. Survey the current participants about what they already know or have—potential technologies for the network, test data sets, model partnerships;
  6. Request that proposals be sent to the executive board for future workshops;
  7. Consider a monthly Saturday lecture series that might include a webinar for a fee;
  8. **Identify key people who were not at the conference and invite them to join our network;
  9. Establish an agreement among the universities and industrial partners to create a mechanism that will address intellectual property rights;
  10. **Build a website that eventually can feature a syllabus bank, certificate programs, degree programs, best practices, links to other sites, and peer mentoring to facilitate cross-fertilization;
  11. Develop a summer workshop or institute that brings together faculty, agency staff, industrial experts, and community college partners and is open to students at all levels;
  12. Develop a set of resources that support research efforts, such as participant registries, research sites, videos, texts, and other instruments that encourage research;
  13. Work to bring community partners into the network;
  14. *Create a Webex call system
  15. *Create a listserv
  16. **Create a research group for a PICORI pilot study to investigate the database
  17. *Set Fall 2014 I-70 Conference dates and place.