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The University of Kansas Gerontology Program Presents: “A Creative Aging Performance”

The University of Kansas’ Gerontology Program is sponsoring its 2017 Spring Speaker series lecture/performance, with co-sponsorship from the Departments of Psychology and Theatre, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and the Center for Research on Aging & Disability Options (CRADO). 

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KU: Building a home that helps residents stay healthy

What if your house could help keep you healthy? That’s the notion that University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design & Planning Associate Professor Joe Colistra and his students will explore this semester through a couple of grants that aim

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Inter-professional Education in Aging for Law and Healthcare Students

The UMKC health professions schools (Nursing and Health Studies, Dentistry, Medicine, and Pharmacy) along with the School of Law were recently awarded a national grant to work together to advocate for older adults.  This project team includes representatives from each

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Gerontology at UMSL

Students at the University of Missouri – St. Louis recently created a YouTube video describing the field of gerontology and promoting the undergraduate, certificate, and graduate gerontology programs at UMSL. Have a look!

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TEDx Talk: Redefining our Expectations of Aging

Ann Fisher-Jackson, Director of Marketing at Keystone Technologies, recently presented for TEDx at North Central College about how a preventative model of care could be used to improve quality of life in our later years. Read below to learn more about Keystone Technologies, Ann

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KU Department of Architecture Health and Wellness: Joint Design Studio Project

LAWRENCE — During the spring semester of 2015, Assistant Professor of Architecture Hui Cai of the Department of Architecture’s Health and Wellness program organized a joint design studio with the School of Architecture at Nanjing Tech, China. That led to

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Grandma’s adoration for her grandkid’s was obvious to the world. She was always your biggest fan. I remember my baseball games growing up. I tried so hard to be “cool” and “tough” at the plate, but admittedly that’s hard to

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